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Where is the studio located?

Tutti Frutti is located 5km from the Melbourne CBD in South Yarra. We are a private studio so only send the address once a consultation or appointment has been made.

How do I book in?

If you want to get tattooed by one of our artists specifically please contact directly through their email/social media channels. For general bookings please email or use the contact form on our website

What are the studio hours?

As we are a private studio each artist works on their own day/time schedule. Please let us know your availability at the time of booking and we will find a time that best suits.

Can I bring my child/partner/friends?

We kindly ask where possible to not bring anyone else with you to your appointment
so we can focus on giving you a great one on one experience, and for the privacy of other clients. We understand a tattoo can be overwhelming, so should you require some support we ask that this limited to 1 other person (over the age of 18).For health and safety reasons children are not permitted in the studio

Do you sell aftercare?

We stock and recommend Inky! Melbourne made with love and vegan friendly. $9.95 gets you a 12g tub and $19.95 for a 28g tub.


A minimum $100 non-refundable deposit is required for all bookings. For ongoing work this deposit will roll over and come off the cost of the final session. This deposit is valid for 6 months from your last booking- if this 6-month window passes before your next appointment a new deposit will be required (unless an arrangement has been made with you and your artist specifically). Deposits are non-transferrable. Please check with your artist for their cancellation window for deposits as if you cancel outside of this period, we will retain your deposit to cover the cancellation and a new deposit will be required before rebooking. If you have asked for a specific design and your artist draws it and you change your idea completely, your artist will retain the deposit as a drawing fee- please be very clear and specific about your tattoo idea. Small design changes are ok, but having to redraw something completely different to your initial idea takes a long time and your deposit will cover the artists time for the original drawing. A new deposit would then be required for your booking.

Is your studio looking for an apprentice?

Tutti Frutti is not looking to take on any apprentices. Our artists have busy convention/guest spot schedules and don't have the time to dedicate to an apprentice, instead we are forever looking at learning and improving ourselves to give you the best tattoo and experience possible.

Tutti Frutti is a safe space for all it's clients. Racism/Sexism/Violence/Homophobia will not be tolerated. We have the right to refuse service and won't tattoo anyone intoxicated or under the influence.

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